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Packing Tips

  • Order your boxes from us!

    Get in touch today for a full list of what we offer.

  • Collect cushioning materials

    Such as old blankets, plastic bags, tissue paper, newspaper, small towels or ask us about our bubble wrap.

  • Write on each box

    The name of the room in your new home where is should be placed.

  • List contents of the box

    On the side of it, clearly marking boxes containing fragile items.

  • Avoid injury

    By keeping the weight of the boxes to on that can be comfortably lifted.

  • Use medium to large sized boxes

    Rather than very large boxes, this will not only allow easier lifting but also safe stacking and easy passage through doorways and loft hatches etc.

  • Tape top & bottoms securely

    With sealing tape (provided when ordering boxes from us).

  • Pack a bag of personal items

    You'll need during the move (change of clothes, toiletries, medicine, maps, food & drink). Keep it in an easy to find place when you pack.

Moving Tips

  • Disconnect & bundle cords

    On TV, PC and stereo components. Label each cord with masking tape and a description of where to connect it.

  • Plan & Measure

    Where the furniture will be placed in your new home. Its helpful to draw a layout of your new home and sketch in the major furniture pieces.

  • To save time on moving day,

    Move your boxes from the basement, upstairs or attic to the main floor prior to the moving date. Consider carrying items from the back garden or garage ahead of time.

  • Before you start packing,

    Throw out or sell all the accumulated junk that you know you should've got rid of in the past.

  • Gas, electric & water meters

    Should be read on the morning of moving. Cancel any other services such as milk and paper delivery, window cleaner and gardener etc.

  • Keep your phone connected

    Throughout the moving day to stay in touch with family, friends and the moving company.

  • Make sure you notify

    Banks, credit card companies, schools, doctors, dentists, opticians, insurance and pension companies, TV, council and telephone company that you are moving and that you have a new address. Redirect all mail to your new address. When you have moved, make sure to change your driving license and car log book too.